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Тема: контрольная работа по английскому языку: необходимо сделать перевод

ID работы: 100171
Тип работы: Контрольная работа, реферат (практика)
Предмет: Английский язык
Страниц: 15
Год написания: 2017

Перевести с англиского на русский
Задание 1.

1. Police officers are devoting their efforts to collect sufficient evidence to bring gang leaders to justice.
2. The evidence to be found at a crime scene is very important for the investigation.
3. The crime to be investigated by Scotland Yard occurred on the Thames.
4. The witness came to the court to prove our innocence.
5. The officers of the Criminal Investigation Department collect facts to prove the guilt or innocence of the suspect.
6. Justice in the United States to be administered equally by judges often depends on the sum of the money a person has.
7. The main aim of militia is to maintain public order, to protect state and personal property.

Задание 2.

1. When brought before a court, the offender was released on bail. (Participle II, Passive Voice).
2. Being suspected of an offence, he was detained. (Participle I, Passive Voice)
3. The witness saw the thief is stealing Ted’s car. (Participle I, Active Voice)
4. Outside London the police are all local forces, employed and paid by counties. (Participle II, Passive Voice).
5. Every person charged with an offence is summoned to appear before a local magistrates' court. (Participle II, Passive Voice).
6. When leaving the crime scene the criminal left some traces. (Participle I, Active Voice)
7. The woman felt a thief is taking her bag. (Participle I, Active Voice)

Задание 3.

1. The witness didn’t remember the suspect being seen at the crime scene.
2. On arriving at the crime scene be ready to act or react to unexpected happenings.
3. I remember driving along the road just before the accident happened.
4. He was proud of having won his first case.
5. Collection, recording and identification of any material helps the investigator in choosing a line of investigation.
6. The job of detectives is to solve crimes by questioning victims, by accumulating physical evidence, by tracing stolen property.
7. He can remember being in hospital.

Задание 4.

1. The case would be heard in the local court next week.
2. Witnesses often interviewing at the scene of a crime immediately after.
3. The evidence was transported to the laboratory for its examining a week ago.
4. Most countries of the world have signed international agreements concerning the treatments of individuals.
5. When the burglar was breaking into the house, he not notice a man who was sleeping in an armchair.
6 After the accident the injured man was taken to hospital.
7. Fingerprints often found in automobiles.

Перевести с русского на английский
Задание 5.

1. Мировой суд в Англии разбирает гражданские дела.
2. После приговора его направили в тюрьму особого режима.
3. Дело будет заслушиваться судом присяжных.
4. Мы обсуждали эту проблему вчера на собрании.
5. Суд вынес приговор на последнем слушанье.
6. Преступник был признан виновным в убийстве.
7. О нем говорили, когда вошел судья.

Перевести с английского на русский
Задание 6.

What is a crime scene? The crime scene means the place or the area where the crime such as burglary, larceny, homicide, traffic crime or motor vehicle theft, etc. takes place. The scene is the central location toward which all evidence points before, during and after the crime.
Crime scene search is an action of the investigator consisting of his direct sur¬vey of the happening, finding, collecting and protecting evidence to establish cir¬cumstances, which are significant for the investigation. To observe and examine a crime scene properly is essential for quick and accurate crime solution. It is one of the most important sources of information concerning commission of the crime, which enables the officer to answer with specific details the questions: What? Where? When? How? Why? Who? And what for?
Not infrequently an experienced investigator manages to narrow the investigation and search down to a single individual after a careful study of the crime scene.
The process of a crime scene search usually includes a preliminary, general observation, a detailed search and the final stages.
At the preliminary stage the investigator keeps in mind the problems of ensuring crime scene protection, preparation of proper crime techniques, choosing and instructing witnesses, getting information of the happening.

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